Feb 15

New rpg comming for steam!


I’m making a game for steam I will publish some screen shots. I don’t have a specific release date but I think it will launch in late October if I’m not busy playing fire emblem fates. But perhaps earlier. The price will be 5.00 €. The genre is classic rpg. It will be the first game I will make 3 games and if it’s a success I will perhaps make more. If I make 85.00 € than I will make a rpg for android an iOS. (that game will cost 3.00 €)

mijn game afb.1

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Oct 07

Shovel Knight

shovel knight is a nice game to play. instead of Mario because you have more possibility’s.

like attack whit your shovel and spells/relics to defeat your enemies. I’ve played through it, and it was a nice game for 15 euro. My gameplay Experience was actually really fun I played the update also plague of shadows and that was even more fun than paying whit shovel knight.

the game is about saving a knight named shield knight. You have to defeat bosses (other knight’s) whit your shovel or spells/relics to save her/him.

update plague of shadows.

for my experience  it was more enjoying  to play whit plague knight. the idea is to make a potion while shovel knight is saving shield knight because you need ascents to make the potion. the story says that you (plague knight) have some plans to do for yourself.

My rating is 4 stars


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